Intensive Inpatient Program

Our Intensive Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program with available detox, is for men and women age 18 and over who suffer from chemical dependency.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), or Day Treatment, is the next step in your Harris House continuum of care after the Intensive Inpatient Program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides day and evening options at 2 convenient locations for men and women who do not require detox or intensive inpatient treatment.

Transitional Housing Level 1 Program

Our Transitional Housing Level 1 Program (up to 1 year) includes subsidized housing, nutritional meals, individual and group counseling, and employment skills training, and is designed to provide ongoing alcohol and substance dependency skills.

Transitional Housing Level 2 Program

Our Transitional Housing Level 2 Program (2nd year) provides subsidized housing with separate male and female residences. No meals are included, and clients can prepare meals for themselves in their residential kitchen.

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For over 50 years, Harris House has helped people recover their lives from drug and alcohol addiction. We advocate a recovery with responsibility program that empowers clients to take control of their treatment and recovery process. Certified counselors guide clients in creating individual recovery plans to treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Continuum of Care

Our continuum of care recognizes that different people are at different stages of the recovery process, thus clients may enter the continuum of care at any stage. We offer a modern 28 day inpatient treatment program, after which clients may continue with several options depending on their needs. The combination of our available treatment options and ongoing support help our clients succeed in overcoming dependency.

At Harris House, someone is available to answer your call 24 hours a day. The Harris House representative will answer any questions you may have about our treatment programs. During the first call, we’ll gather basic contact information, the type of treatment being considered, and answer any questions that you may have.

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Credentialing Partners
Harris House is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International). Harris House is also certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, approved by the Better Business Bureau as an A+ accredited charity and a proud member of United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Insurance Providers

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  • Anthem
  • United Healthcare
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  • Aetna
  • Beacon-Health
  • Mercy Healthcare
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  • Healthlink
  • Humana
  • Am Better
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“The support this program gives you is amazing. My counselor was great! This was the best experience of my life; it was life changing and made a lasting impact.”

“The respect from staff was phenomenal. Harris House offered me freedom and did not feel like a prison. I am thrilled that I found this place.”

“I am really happy that I ended up here. I will definitely be referring people. Each counselor has a different approach so no matter your background you will connect with one of them.”

“This was my first treatment experience and this was all new to me… I loved the structure of it and the comfort level of it, the people here and how they loved me to recovery.”

“The individual counseling sessions helped me the most. My counselor was great! I also really liked that Harris House uses licensed therapists to teach all of the classes.”

“I loved the comradery and how people from all walks of life and backgrounds are able to be close and share the recovery experience. I found myself laughing more than I have in years.”

“The staff is very caring and knowledgeable about addiction. I loved the Harris House treatment approach. It’s a variety of offerings from dealing with anger, depression, guilt, shame, self-esteem, self-worth, family relationships, 12 step, triggers, and relapse prevention.”

“The knowledge of the staff and their ability to teach what they knew was incredible. The counseling was great; the whole structure of the program saved my life. I’m extremely grateful for the Harris House and for helping me get back on track. I was able to uncover a lot of strengths I didn’t have before coming here.”

“All staff was AWESOME! Staff treated us like humans not drug addict criminals. Really like how I could move right next store to sober living.”

“Harris House allowed me to profoundly change my thinking and functioning–a profound change in my life. I can’t thank the counselors and people at Harris House enough–truly, they helped me find my life.”

“Harris House gave me the tools that I needed to be successful in my plan to stay sober. Everyone worked very hard and it’s a great program that I plan to use for the rest of my life.”

“The availability of the Harris House staff is the best part about this program. I had the feeling that everyone actually cared about me and truly kept me first. Now I’m really excited about recovery and for the first time I actually have the feeling that I can truly make it.”

“Harris House taught me about the physiological aspects of the disease of addiction. All the staff and counselors are great. Harris House is an excellent program that I would highly recommend to others.”

“I came to Harris House broken and insecure. Harris House gave me the education and tools to help me stay sober. I am now able to be secure with myself again.”

“I chose Harris House because it was a dual diagnosis facility. I’ve never felt more normal in my life and Harris House gave me that.”

“The structure and ability to further advance my mental health recovery made my Harris House experience amazing. My experience was one of growth and understanding on a whole new level. All this was possible because of the environment provided by Harris House.”

“The Harris House staff is truly amazing and was truly concerned for my well-being. They went above and beyond for my needs. This is the best program I’ve ever been to. I’m forever grateful and happy. It has changed my life and has moved me in so many ways.”

“What’s great about the Harris House program is that you’re responsible for your own recovery. It’s up to me if I want to stay sober or not. I enjoyed my time at Harris House and would highly recommend it.”

“I loved my counselor. He saved me from a lot of trouble and was very easy to talk to. He was always there to answer me when I needed him. This whole facility saved my life!”

“I came to Harris House two days sober. My time in Stairs was a unique experience both in terms of the challenging work I experienced as a client and the metamorphic change I found myself going through. Harris House taught me a way to live clean, sober and happy. I now take with me lessons that only Harris House could provide; they will serve me well for the rest of my life.”

“I was homeless, empty, hopeless, and didn’t want to live before I came to Harris House. Harris House gave me hope and I knew I finally had a chance to make it. Today I also have relationships with my family again. Being sober has changed my life.”

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Coronavirus Update
Harris House takes the coronavirus threat very seriously and has taken many precautions to keep our clients and our community safe. Read how we are handling treatment during this critical time.