12-Step Meetings

12-Step Meetings At Harris House Open To The Public

Visit the South Broadway Location for both AA Meetings and NA Meetings in St. Louis.

8315 South Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63111


9am Men’s AA-STAIRS Basement (Group 52)
9am Women’s AA-STAIRS Group Room (across from Dining Room)


8pm Mixed AA-STAIRS Basement
8pm Mixed HA-Dining Room


8pm Women’s AA- STAIRS Group Room (across from Dining Room)
8pm Men’s AA-STAIRS Basement (Group 52)
8pm Mixed NA-Dining Room


6pm Mixed AA- STAIRS Group Room (across from Dining Room) (Group 1075)


9am Women’s AA-Serenity Room
12:30pm Mixed AA-STAIRS Basement (Group 52)
7pm Mixed NA-STAIRS Basement
8pm Mixed HA-STAIRS Basement


11am Mixed AA-STAIRS Basement
1pm Mixed CA-STAIRS Basement

Coronavirus Update
Harris House takes the coronavirus threat very seriously and has taken many precautions to keep our clients and our community safe. Read how we are handling treatment during this critical time.