Holistic Marijuana Addiction Treatment Program

End your dependency on marijuana today with our medically-assisted, patient-focused detox program.

There is a lot of confusion concerning the legality and addictiveness of marijuana, especially since some states have made recreational use legal and even more have made it legal for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is known by a variety of names like cannabis, pot, weed, grass, and hash.

Despite the question of the legality of marijuana, it is a drug with addiction potential. Individuals who use it regularly and then stop experience withdrawal. Data collected by the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) show that between 2006 and 2010, there was a 59% increase in emergency room visits that involved marijuana. In 2010, marijuana was the second most common reason for drug-related emergency room visits, second only to cocaine.

Withdrawal from marijuana can be uncomfortable, especially for a chronic user. Harris House is ready to help, providing a medical detox and a comprehensive, holistic rehab program that treats you as a whole person.

The first step in our marijuana addiction treatment program is a medical detox with a licensed doctor to keep patients as safe and comfortable as possible. After the medical detox is complete, we move on to the next steps in the rehab process.

How do I know if I’m addicted to marijuana?

People often say that marijuana isn’t addictive because clinically, it isn’t psychologically addictive, however, it is possible to be physically dependent on marijuana. The difference between the two is critical to understand.

Your body grows a tolerance to the drug, so you need to use more to achieve the desired effects. If you stop using it, your body may have an adverse reaction.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Problems sleeping
  • Marijuana cravings
  • Bad mood
  • Nervousness
  • Depression

While these symptoms are not as severe as the physical symptoms of alcohol or cocaine withdrawal, they shouldn’t be ignored. Addiction to any substance is a long-term, continual problem. If you’re unsure whether you or a loved one is dependent on marijuana, review the list of signs below.

Signs of marijuana addiction include:

  • Tolerance to marijuana
  • Withdrawal when marijuana isn’t smoked
  • Smoking more than you intended
  • Wanting to quit or reduce marijuana use, but being unable to do so
  • No longer taking part in activities you used to enjoy because you are busy smoking marijuana

If you think that you or a loved one is addicted to cannabis, please contact Harris House today at 314-631-4299 to talk with one of our counselors about an evaluation and admission.

What are the effects of marijuana abuse?

Marijuana abuse can have many negative effects on an individual’s physical and mental health, espeically in someone who uses marijuana for a long period of time.

Long-term detrimental effects of marijuana may include:

  • Respiratory problems: Smoking marijuana can have many of the same irritating and lung-damaging properties as smoking tobacco. A long-term user may develop a chronic cough and are at a higher risk of lung infections.
  • Cardiovascular risk: Marijuana ingestion increases the heart rate for several hours, which increases the chance of heart attack or stroke. This can aggravate pre-existing heart conditions in long-term users and those who are older.
  • Mental health effects: Using marijuana long-term can decrease a person’s performance on memory-related tasks, decrease motivation, and decrease interest in everyday activities.
  • Child development: Marijuana use during pregnancy can negatively affect the fetus’ brain development.
  • Psychological dependence: Like other drugs commonly abused, individuals who use marijuana for long periods of time can develop a dependence on the drug.

What can I expect from treatment at Harris House?

As a dual diagnosis treatment facility, we’ll take care of you as soon as you walk through our doors. Our staff will do everything they can to keep you as comfortable and safe as possible. Remember, with a medical detox, a doctor will make your detox as safe and comfortable as possible.

Harris House’s approach to treatment is based on assessing the client as a whole person in a non-judgmental way. Our treatment combines medication management, mental health therapy to stabilize depression and anxiety, along with 12 step support groups consists of the medical detox, a 12-step approach, and as a holistic approach to treatment. It’s designed to work together to provide a stable foundation for the patient in order to smooth the road to recovery.

Admitting and being involved in substance abuse therapy is an already difficult process. We want to ensure all our clients are seen as holistic individuals worthy of time and care and help them receive the best treatment possible so they can enter recovery and leave their marijuana addiction behind them.

What’s it like at Harris House?

Clients are allowed to smoke and use their phones at our facility. Our location in South City is a highly secure, gated facility with 24-hour security, so you’ll never have to worry about safety. Feel free to explore our treatments page to learn more about the specific programs we offer.

We accept most major insurance companies. Please give us a call at 314-631-4299. A counselor is standing by 24 hours a day. You can also contact us here.

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