Prescription Drugs

Treat Your Prescription Drug Addiction in Our Comfortable Residential Facility

Our holistic, 12-step treatment program lets you detox while managing your underlying pain

It’s estimated that more than 40 people die every day in America from opiate overdoses. Most people who are addicted to prescription painkillers start using them because of severe and chronic pain. This can make it hard for addicts to recognize their dependency, and can make the prospect of detox—and the return of the underlying pain—seem overwhelming

At Harris House, we see the person, not the pain. That’s why we have doctors onsite 24/7 to monitor clients during detox and treat the underlying pain. All our clients have individualized treatment plans to make detox as comfortable as possible.

From there, our holistic program is committed to entering all our patients into recovery and providing a solid foundation for their future.

How do I know if I’m addicted to prescription drugs?

There are multiple signs of painkiller addiction. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be addicted, and should contact Harris House at 314-631-4299 to set up an evaluation:

  • Preoccupied with drugs to the point of neglecting work or school
  • Preoccupied with drugs to the point of ignoring friends or family
  • Committing illegal acts in order to obtain money to buy more drugs
  • Going without painkillers causes you to experience withdrawal symptoms, including nausea, anxiety, intense cravings, muscle cramping, and depression

What does treatment consist of at Harris House?

At Harris House, we are committed to treating the underlying pain prescription drug abusers suffer during detox and rehab in order to prevent relapse. From there, we believe in a comprehensive treatment program designed to keep patients in recovery.

That means intensive counseling, combining a medical approach, a 12 steps approach, and a holistic approach to treatment. Our goal is to make individuals as healthy and whole as possible. That’s why, as a dual diagnosis treatment facility, patients can walk in and be treated that day.

Our state-of-the-art facility is in a secure, urban area with a gate and 24/7 security. Clients have semi-private rooms and are able to smoke and use their phones while at Harris House.

We accept most major insurers. For more information, or to talk about treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call Harris House 24 hours a day at 314-631-4299.

Coronavirus Update
Harris House takes the coronavirus threat very seriously and has taken many precautions to keep our clients and our community safe. Read how we are handling treatment during this critical time.