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Addiction is a complex and personal disease. For each individual, a variety of diverse factors can lead to addiction. It follows that treatment is equally complex and mandates an individualized approach. There’s no better example of this than LGBTQ addiction. Here’s a closer look at why addressing LGBTW issues matters in the rehab, along with…

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A strong support network is a critical part of the recovery process for many people suffering from alcohol use disorder. Support groups are an especially popular source of empathy and understanding. However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we move in the world with social distancing and stay-in-place orders keeping us in our homes…

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Addiction is often accompanied by feelings of hopelessness — both for addicts and for the people who love them. While finding hope can be difficult when you feel like you’ve reached rock bottom, doing so can have a powerful and positive effect in recovery. Here’s a closer look at how hope supports addiction treatment, along…

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It’s not surprising news that too much sugar is bad for us. From increasing the risk of heart disease to promoting tooth decay, the list of ills associated with added sugars goes on and on. Not only that, but scientists are constantly determining new ways that sugar is harmful to human health. One of the…

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Approximately 30 percent of the LGBT community — compared to just nine percent of the general population — suffers from some form of addiction, according to a report shared by the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC). In addition to alcohol and substance addiction, this also includes process addictions. Here’s a closer look at process addictions…

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Drug use has many health consequences on the body and brain. These include a weakened immune system; heart, lung and liver conditions; changes in appetite and weight loss; and seizures, stroke and brain damage. One lesser-known effect? Problems with memory, attention, and decision-making. Here’s a closer look at the impact of substance use disorder on…

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How Divorce Impacts Your Addiction Recovery Journey No one enters a marriage expecting it to come to an end someday. Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for millions of Americans, and people struggling with addiction — as well as those currently in addiction recovery —  are far from exempt. Here’s a closer look at the impact…

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From information about their sexual history to feelings of stress and depression, people keep many secrets from their primary care doctors. Unfortunately, lack of disclosure can interfere with a physician’s ability to provide optimal care for patients. One common — and detrimental — patient omission is substance use and substance use disorders. Here’s a closer…

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Adults defined as “sexual minority,” e.g., LGBTQ individuals, are more than twice as likely as their heterosexual counterparts to use illicit drugs. They’re also more vulnerable to substance misuse and more severe substance use disorders and addiction than their heterosexual counterparts. Here’s a closer look at 10 common substances used and abused by LGBTQ individuals,…

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Substance abuse has many consequences. One that may go overlooked during recovery is dental health. Many people who struggle with addiction also have poor dental health due to factors including the effects of drug use itself and lack of proper dental hygiene and care. Unfortunately, this can end up becoming yet another obstacle on the…

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