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Adults defined as “sexual minority,” including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queer (LGBTQ), have higher rates of substance misuse and substance use disorders than their heterosexual peers, according to statistics shared by the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Specifically, they’re two times more likely than heterosexuals to have used…

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Addiction is an equal-opportunity affliction. It can and does impact people from all walks of life. For certain careers, however, substance use and abuse can present special challenges. One such path is the military. Here’s a closer look at the topic of military service and addiction. An Official Position The Department of Defense is firm…

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The Sober Curious Movement Maybe you’re over spending days recovering from one night out partying. Perhaps you’re looking around, and seeing your peers establishing careers, families, and first houses while you feel behind the curve. You could be a person that hits the gym all week, maintains an otherwise healthy lifestyle, and the drugs or…

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Open lines of communication are critical to the wellbeing of all human relationships. However, this is sometimes easier said than done — especially when sensitive topics are involved. In the case of substance use disorders, however, a productive conversation can be the difference between life and death. If you suspect that a family member or…

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The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to increased levels of anxiety among Americans, according to a national poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Specifically, 36 percent said they felt the coronavirus was having a serious impact on their mental health, while 59 percent felt it was having a serious impact on their everyday lives….

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The question isn't how to get cured, but how to live

By the time most people reach out for help for addiction, the gap between themselves and their families is vast. Trust is in shambles and communication feels impossible. A sense of loss and overwhelm is pervasive throughout the family. It’s hard for family to understand what’s really going on, or what to do to help…

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No one likes feeling bored. However, boredom can be a particular problem — and a uniquely dangerous one — for people struggling with substance use disorders. Here’s a closer look at the issue, along with tips for overcoming the battle against boredom on your journey to recovery and addiction-free life. Normal and Natural Feeling Whether…

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Microscopic view of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the health and wellbeing of the world right now. While we often think of the elderly and people with serious underlying conditions as the most vulnerable to coronavirus complications, another subset of the population may also be at increased risk: people with substance use disorders. Here’s a closer look at…

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Addiction is a complex and personal disease. For each individual, a variety of diverse factors can lead to addiction. It follows that treatment is equally complex and mandates an individualized approach. There’s no better example of this than LGBTQ addiction. Here’s a closer look at why addressing LGBTW issues matters in the rehab, along with…

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It’s not surprising news that too much sugar is bad for us. From increasing the risk of heart disease to promoting tooth decay, the list of ills associated with added sugars goes on and on. Not only that, but scientists are constantly determining new ways that sugar is harmful to human health. One of the…

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