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Sober houses, AKA halfway houses, have many benefits for newly recovering addicts. Serving as a buffer between the more protective environments of a substance abuse treatment centers and the harshness of “the real world,” the move to a sober house can be an invaluable transitional resource in facilitating recovery. However, given the oft-quoted truth that…

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If you (or someone you love) is in recovery, you may be experiencing vivid dreams about using drugs and alcohol. While drinking/drug-using dreams (DDUD) can be alarming, it’s actually a common occurrence. Here’s a closer look at the phenomenon and what it means. About Substance Abuse and Dreams Approximately a third of adults in recovery…

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Knowledge regarding how best to treat patients struggling with opioid addiction is constantly advancing. Now comes news that the long-acting buprenorphine formulation BUP-XR, a monthly extended release injection, may be a valuable treatment for opioid use disorders (OUD). Here’s a closer look at the research, as published late last month in The Lancet.  About the…

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Substance abuse in the workplace is a growing problem. Understanding the breadth and depth of the problem can help address it. Here’s a closer look at statistics everyone should know about workplace addiction, along with why substance abuse treatment can be an invaluable solution. Workplace Addiction 101 As the epidemic of addiction continues to heighten…

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Avoiding negative environments is a major part of facilitating the recovery process and preventing relapse. For many recovering addicts, however, the home environment and all of its stressors can add up to the opposite of a safe space. Enter sober living homes. Aimed at helping addicts transition back into the community — often after participating…

Opioid epidemic.

How a Care Model for HIV Patients May Help Those with Opioid Use Disorders The “Cascade of Care” model was developed in 2017 to manage treatment of people with HIV and AIDS. Now, scientists believe that the same approach can be built upon in order to provide an improved framework of care for people with…

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St. Louis drug rehab

If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, you may have trouble keeping up with all the terms and what they mean. Two frequently used words which may require clarification are dependence and addiction. Here’s a closer look at the concepts behind each, along with what they mean for treatment and recovery. Defining Dependence Dependence…

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Missouri drug trends

We recently covered Missouri’s problem with opioid-related overdose deaths, as well as the degree to which St. Louis, in particular, is impacted. While drug addiction is an equal opportunity affliction that can strike anyone, new data from Missouri’s Department of Mental Health (DMH) highlights one demographic where illicit drug use is not only rampant but…

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With suicide rates rising across the country, understanding the factors that contribute to it is an essential part of reversing the trend. One such factor, according to the CDC? Substance misuse. Here’s a closer look at the data, along with why substance abuse treatment is a pivotal part of suicide prevention. Suicide and Substance Abuse…

Addiction treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted research investigating the link between sexual orientation, substance abuse, and mental health as part of its annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) for the first time in 2015. The findings? “Sexual minorities were more likely than their sexual majority counterparts to have…