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Benzodiazepines, AKA “benzos,” are among the most commonly prescribed medications; however, just because they are prescribed by doctors does not mean they come without the risk of addiction. In fact, many people who legally obtain these drugs end up abusing them for their sedating effects. If you or someone you love is affected by benzo addiction, […]


Think “being sober” is the same as “being in recovery?” Think again. While the two terms may seem interchangeable, there is a very important distinction when it comes to addiction. Here’s a closer look at the issue, along with why acknowledging the difference between sobriety and recovery can be essential to overcoming addiction and regaining […]


 What are High-Functioning Alcoholics? When most people hear the word “alcoholic,” a picture of the bumbling, fumbling, falling-down drunk comes to mind.  (Think Norm from Cheers.) Not all alcoholics fall into this category. In fact, many alcoholics give off the appearance of being productive, high achieving, and “together.” Beneath the surface, however, the situation may […]


Deciding to enter addiction treatment isn’t easy, but neither is continuing a life of addiction. The noteworthy difference between the two paths is clear: While the latter promises nothing more than increasing difficulty ahead, the former promises something extraordinary, hope for a better life. Looking for more specifics? Read on for a roundup of six ways your […]


There are many different options when it comes to drug rehabilitation. If you’ve made the decision to pursue drug rehab for yourself or someone you love, choosing the best rehab can optimize the chances of success. Read on for an overview of contemporary drug rehab programs, along with a roundup of several different types of […]

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Over recent posts, we’ve been exploring the relationship between the brain and addictive behavior. Today, we’re pleased to present the fourth and final installment of our blog series, “Brain & Addictive Behavior.” Today’s topic? The invaluable role of rehabilitation in helping addicts cope with the physical and emotional aspects of addiction in order to embrace […]


Addiction is an equal opportunity affliction. It can and does affect people from all backgrounds and walks of life. While you may not think of addiction as the domain of the elderly, senior addiction has been deemed to be a “silent epidemic” by U.S. News & World Report. Here is a closer look at the phenomenon, […]