Life is a series of chances to learn from the past in order to embrace a brighter future. For many addicts, however, letting go of past mistakes and reclaiming life through recovery can be easier said than done. Unfortunately, this can be an impediment to living well after recovery. Luckily, there are some things you can do […]


Researchers continue to discover the many ways in which the brain and addictive behavior are interlinked. Understanding this connection can be a vital recovery tool for addicts as well as the people who love them. To that end, we’re debuting a three-part series on the brain and addictive behavior, starting with today’s blog: A closer look at […]


The term “disenfranchised” originally referred to people “deprived of the right to vote or other rights of citizenship.” While this may refer to prisoners in its most formal sense, the term has also grown to encompass other groups, such as immigrants, minorities, the poor, the homeless and the elderly, many of whom have been “written […]


When it comes to understanding addiction’s complex nature, addressing the “What is it?” question is only part of the equation. A question that also yields invaluable insights: “What makes addicts differ from non-addicts?” Read on for a roundup of four ways substance abusers differ from the rest of us. 1. Addicts are more susceptible to addiction. Using drugs and alcohol is […]


Family members and friends of addicts are accustomed to addicts lying to them. What they may fail to realize is that addicts are lying to themselves, as well. Understanding how the mindset of an addict can impede his/her own recovery is an important step in getting them the help they need to recover. If you’ve […]


While no one sets out to actively enable a loved one’s addictions, the reality is that many people end up crossing this line out of the misguided sense that they’re “helping.” Unfortunately, these behaviors can stand in the way of recovery and even endanger your loved one’s life. If you’re ready to stop enabling and […]


No one wants to feel alone. Unfortunately, this feeling is a daily reality for many members of the LGBT community. And while acceptance is growing, LGBT individuals often end up feeling isolated and rejected—sometimes by the people they love and who love them most. Factor in the drug and alcohol abuse issue, and many LGBT addicts end […]


Heart disease. Cancer. Stroke. Respiratory diseases. Unintentional injuries. These are among the health issues that come to mind when it comes to preventative deaths. However, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlight a lesser-known yet significant and preventable cause of death that impacts thousands of people every year. Here’s a closer […]


Drug abuse is a global epidemic. However, it’s also a catastrophic problem at the local level, from which no city or town is immune. The St. Louis area is far from the exception. Here’s a closer look at five eye-opening facts and figures about the dire problem with St. Louis drug addiction. 1. Heroin-related deaths […]


Crystal methamphetamine, aka “crystal meth,” is a dangerous and illicit street drug. The legal ramifications of its use, possession, or sale are dire and often result in life-changing consequences, including everything from steep fines to jail time. Not only are the repercussions of crystal meth addiction catastrophic from a legal perspective,  but they’re also joined […]