Probably one of the first questions people suffering from addictions ask themselves when considering rehab options is, “Do I have to become an inpatient resident in a facility, or can I choose outpatient rehab?” That’s a fair question, but there is not one right answer. Every individual is different, and every case is unique. The […]


It is easy to recognize the harmful effects of substance abuse on the addict, but addicts are not the only ones affected by substance abuse. Often, addicts become abusive towards their loved ones. Philosophical debates abound regarding whether substance abuse actually begets domestic violence or whether it merely amplifies a previously existing condition, personality, or characteristic. […]

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For many people struggling with addiction, vulnerability is the first step on the journey to recovery, but it can’t exist without something else: trust. And the truth is, that as the flip side of vulnerability, trust may be even harder for people battling addiction–not to mention the people who love them. Here’s a closer look […]


Life doesn’t just happen. Rather, everything that happens does so because of the choices we make. The takeaway? We must exercise extreme caution because these choices often leave us with unintended consequences that shape the rest of our lives. In matters of substance abuse, however, the line between choice and compulsion becomes blurred when what […]

Road to recovery

You might not think that Demi Lovato is much of an authority on the issue of addiction recovery. However, she candidly admits that she has “been there, done that,” and she has said and done many things to encourage others to keep their eyes on the goal of the journey, not the bumps and turns […]

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More than two million Americans had substance abuse disorders involving prescription painkillers and an additional 591,000 had substance use disorders involving heroin in 2015, according to the most recent data shared by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). In order to support these addictions, many end up turning to desperate measures. One increasingly common […]