What is the single biggest obstacle to recovery faced by many addicts and substance abusers? Admitting they have a problem. This mindset interferes with many addicts getting the help they need in order to regain control of their lives. In many cases, in fact, admitting the problem and seeking treatment—specifically intensive inpatient drug rehab—is the key to […]

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Cocaine may come with a short-term high, but it also brings along something else: the risk of long-term brain damage, which leads to addiction and other insidious effects as well. Here’s a closer look at how cocaine kills the brain via negative impacts, along with two particularly devastating brain-related consequences of its use. Cocaine Kills the Brain Cocaine works […]


This past spring, an airline pilot and his wife were discovered dead in their Ohio home. The cause of death, according to authorities, was fentanyl overdoses. Unfortunately, this was far from an isolated incident. In fact, fentanyl use is surging, as are deaths due to this pervasive and potent illegal drug. Here’s a closer look […]


Much is said about the state of substance abuse in the United States. But how much of it is just talk, and how much is fact? The recent Surgeon General addiction report on alcohol, drugs, and health, “Facing Addiction in America,” sheds important light on the subject. Here’s a closer look at six key insights […]


Substance abuse is an equal opportunity affliction that impacts people across all demographics. However, some subsets of the population are more at risk of addiction than others. One such group? Sexual minorities, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT), according to a recent report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services […]


Alcohol addiction occurs when the body becomes addicted to—and dependent on—alcohol. In this sense, it is a physical disease: People who are addicted to alcohol experience many different physical symptoms. However, alcohol addiction is also a mental disease that can impact people both cognitively and emotionally. Read on for a closer look at the mind-body effects […]


One of the most important facts to remember about alcoholism is its progression. Alcoholism begins in an early stage that looks nothing at all like a life-threatening disease, proceeds into a middle stage where problems begin to appear and intensify, and gradually advances into the late, degenerative stages of obvious physiological dependence, physical and psychological […]