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No one decides to become an addict. While it is true that a person may decide to engage in substance abuse, it is when that initial choice is followed by addictive consequences that true addiction occurs. Thus, addiction is a disease with both physical and psychological components.   Defining Addiction The American Society of Addiction…

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Families who are dealing with an addicted loved one are faced with many challenges. The anger, sadness, guilt, shame, and disappointment can become overwhelming, which can start to affect life in powerful ways, such as job loss, divorce, or medical problems. Many families have been able to avoid these consequences of loving an addict by…

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Gratitude. It’s not something that happens overnight, especially for someone who has struggled with difficult life circumstances. But day by day, one decision at a time, it can grow like a rare and delicate flower. And like a flower, gratitude needs protection against assailants that would cause it to wither away. In a garden, those…

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Psychological trauma occurs when it is not possible to process a situation with one’s usual, everyday coping mechanisms, leaving the individual in fear for his life or sanity. Trauma can be due to violence, helplessness, physical pain, illness, grief, or physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. While we recover from setbacks every day, the effects of…

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Hope is, indeed, alive. You must never give up! That’s the fundamental truth that we at Harris House want you to know. We understand that there are times when it seems like there’s a tether; something that binds you to addiction no matter what you do. But that tie can be undone and unwound for…

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