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Hope for Recovery is Alive!

Written By: Harris House

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Hope with addiction recovery

There is always hope, and always an opportunity for you to live a healthy life.

Hope is, indeed, alive. You must never give up! That’s the fundamental truth that we at Harris House want you to know. We understand that there are times when it seems like there’s a tether; something that binds you to addiction no matter what you do. But that tie can be undone and unwound for good – for life.

The idea of hope might sound like the elusive stuff of inspirational commercials. They make it seem so easy, when in reality, maintaining hope is a daily challenge. Maybe you’ve tried treatment centers before. And maybe a program worked for a while, at least until it didn’t anymore.

That perennial hope can be the difference between recovering and finding yourself back in the same situation. If you aren’t convinced that it’s real, old patterns are likely to emerge again. But, if you can believe, then no tether can ever hold you down.

Recovery is Real

You’ve no doubt heard stories about addiction’s cyclical nature. Even with the help of rehab centers, some people do relapse and fall back into the same cycle. That’s where the notorious feelings of helplessness and hopelessness stem from. You may think, why bother if it’s not really going to work anyway?

When you’re on an upswing, it’s easier to believe. When you have a bad day or series of days, climbing back out of it might seem like a myth, an impossible feat.

But recovery is real. With each day that you move forward, you gain more strength. And when strength grows, hope becomes easier to grab and hold onto.

Your Recovery Path is Unique

There really are no two people who are identical, and no two recovery paths that are the same. Sometimes that cookie cutter mindset is the defective part of the equation, and the reason why hope seems like someone else’s reality.

If part of a program isn’t working for you, how can you hope to recover if your needs aren’t genuinely met? For many people, they can’t. We understand this truth, and that’s why we offer range of options, and, with them, a continuum of care that’s proven to work.

We believe in a carefully curated treatment program for the unique individual that you are. That’s what helps keep you moving forward into better days – because it addresses you, rather than some generic person whose challenges and triumphs bear no resemblance to your own.

Hope in addiction treatment

Like hope, we are always there for you, no matter how large or small your support network might be.

It Takes a Team Who Believes in Hope

The weakest link is where the strongest chain will invariably break. When it comes to you and your support system, maintaining a firm belief in hope is immeasurably important. That’s why researchers at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust concluded that health care providers play a vital role in instilling and consistently supporting the reality of hope for recovery. A team of professionals who believes in hope is an important part of your chain of support.

Personal relationships usually suffer when there’s an addiction problem. Sometimes those closest to you don’t realize that addiction is an illness that can alter the way that the brain functions.

Someone outside of the addiction may have difficulty finding hope and a belief in recovery. But at Harris House, we help by giving you the tools to rebuild family relationships so that your support network can grow.

Hope is as perennial as grass. It may feel like a distant concept when you’re reaching for help that you can’t seem to find. But it’s there, and it’s yours–if you want it.

Maintaining hope is not easy. There will be challenges along the way. Some days will be great, and it will seem like nothing can stop you. Other days will find you pulling against a tether that you’d cast off long ago. The important thing is to never give up hope for your recovery.


Our Hope-Filled Professionals are Here to Help

At Harris House, we know that each day is new opportunity for continuing recovery. We understand and believe in the realities of hope, and we can help you find it. Call us today at (314) 631-4299 to learn about our treatment options.

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