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Donor Privacy Policy

Harris House Donor Privacy Policy

Harris House respects and honors the privacy of all donors. Harris House uses its best efforts to safeguard personal information and has policies and procedures in place to protect donor privacy.

Use of Personal Donor Data

Donor information is used by Harris House for Harris House purposes only.

Donor information is used to provide receipts and tax documentation to donors. Donor names may be included in annual rosters unless the donor has requested otherwise. Information about specific gifts is announced only with prior approval from the donor. Harris House honors requests for anonymity.

Occasionally, donors may receive Harris House mailing or e-mail that keep donors informed of our programs, activities, special events, and needs for support. Donors who prefer not to receive these communications may opt out of e-mail or contact us at (314) 631-4299 and request removal from the mailing list.

Data Security

Harris House maintains a secure environment for donor data. Authorized personnel have access to this information for appropriate business purposes related to our mission.

Harris House does not request Social Security numbers from donors.

Credit cardnumbers, entered via the organization’s on-line giving and event registration forms, are encrypted and are not sent in clear text at any point in the data’s entry or transmission. This information is not stored in any Harris House database.

Release of Information

Harris House doe not sell, rent, or trade donor information.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

If there is a change to this privacy policy, a revised privacy policy will be posted.

Adopted: 08/30/2012
Updated: 09/01/2015