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Harris House Client Privacy & Protected Health Information Policy

Harris House Foundation adheres to Privacy and Protected Health Information Rules as detailed in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). 45 CFR Part 160 and Subparts A & E of Part 164 provide Federal protection for the privacy of protected health information of each Harris House Foundation client. The Privacy and Protected Health Information Rule sets limits on how client health information can be used and shared with others.

The Privacy and Protected Health Information Rule gives the client rights over their health information, including rights to obtain and examine a written or electronic copy of their medical record, and to request corrections when appropriate.

Harris House complies with all state and federal safeguards to protect the privacy of client personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization, such as medical emergencies, or reporting suspected abuse.

Harris House Foundation provides clients with written information about privacy rights at admission orientation. In addition, a copy of “Harris House Client Rights” is posted in all client areas. Client Rights include:

  • To have information regarding treatment treated confidentially as consistent with state and federal laws;
  • To file a grievance in the case of alleged infringement of client rights with the understanding that any grievance brought forward by a client will not result in restriction of client privileges or rights.


Other uses and disclosures that require the written consent of the client include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency contact designations;
  • Authorization to bill the client’s private health insurance provider;
  • The ability to contact the client’s other health care providers improving continuity of care.


All consent forms detail the specific information to be shared, dates of consent, and the client right to revoke consent at any time.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Harris House Foundation staff is responsible for securing the safety and confidentiality of any counseling or medical records they create, maintain, transfer, or destroy in whatever forms the record is produced. This applies to records which are written, taped, transmitted, computerized, or stored in any other medium;
  • To maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information as required by law;
  • To inform you promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your health information;
  • To follow the duties and privacy practices described in this policy and to provide you a copy of this policy.



Harris House Donor Privacy Policy

Harris House respects and honors the privacy of all donors. Harris House uses its best efforts to safeguard personal information and has policies and procedures in place to protect donor privacy.

Use of Personal Donor Data

Donor information is used by Harris House for Harris House purposes only.

Donor information is used to provide receipts and tax documentation to donors. Donor names may be included in annual rosters unless the donor has requested otherwise. Information about specific gifts is announced only with prior approval from the donor. Harris House honors requests for anonymity.

Occasionally, donors may receive Harris House mailing or e-mail that keep donors informed of our programs, activities, special events, and needs for support. Donors who prefer not to receive these communications may opt out of e-mail or contact us at (314) 631-4299 and request removal from the mailing list.

Data Security

Harris House maintains a secure environment for donor data. Authorized personnel have access to this information for appropriate business purposes related to our mission.

Harris House does not request Social Security numbers from donors.

Credit cardnumbers, entered via the organization’s on-line giving and event registration forms, are encrypted and are not sent in clear text at any point in the data’s entry or transmission. This information is not stored in any Harris House database.

Release of Information

Harris House doe not sell, rent, or trade donor information.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

If there is a change to this privacy policy, a revised privacy policy will be posted.

Adopted: 08/30/2012
Updated: 09/01/2015

Coronavirus Update
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