Transitional Housing Level 1 Program

Programs: Transitional Housing, Level 1


Our Transitional Housing Level 1 program includes subsidized housing, nutritional meals, and individual and group counseling for up to one year. Graduates of the intensive inpatient substance abuse rehab program at Harris House receive priority admission. For others, the admission process requires an appointment for a screening interview, at which time a mutual decision will be made regarding the appropriateness of this program. Once accepted and placed on a waiting list, the individual must call Harris House every week day to hold a place on the list.


The Transitional Housing Level 1 program (previously known as our long-term residential program) is designed to provide ongoing alcohol and substance abuse treatment. Classes are provided to give clients insight into dealing with issues that could become relapse triggers, including anger management, trauma recovery, stress management, parenting skills, and family reunification. Employment skills are emphasized, including resume preparation, job targeting, and interviewing practice.


The majority of clients in the Transitional Housing Level 1 program have a dual diagnosis, with a mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, or bipolar disorder, along with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Weekly individual counseling sessions are included, as well as up to eight hours of classes or group work.


Clients age 21 and older are eligible for highly subsidized rent and meals in separate buildings and programs for men and women. More than 50% of our intensive inpatient program graduates join our Transitional Housing Level 1 program to continue building their recovery skills in familiar surroundings with familiar faces. Men and women are housed in separate buildings, and everyone is expected to be employed after the first weeks in this program.


For more information about Harris House’s treatment options, call us 24 hours a day at (314)631-4299. Or read more about our intensive inpatient program.

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